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5 Important Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Digital Photo Frame


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Who doesn’t like capturing moments? Those adored moments become a long-lasting memory when you frame them and keep as a treasure. But gone are the days when we used to frame the pictures in a traditional simple style, now you have captivating Digital Photo Frames to cherish your memories. The lustrous, smarter, and sharper digital frames jazz up your home gracefully like never before. Whether you buy it for home, office, or to gift your beloved ones, there should be certain things in your mind before the actual purchase. If not, here I am to suggest the key factors you must consider.

Let’s get started:

1. Developing your Budget

You HAVE to set up your budget before you go shopping and when it comes to buying such alluring digital frames, developing your budget just becomes imperative. This is the first step you take towards your dream digital frame. Though there is no such “Higher price highest quality” concept in digital photo frames as you can get top-notch frames that too at affordable prices. Models such as Nix Digital Photo Frame costs you around $60 (check) and definitely kill the basics. It is very important to set out your budget first so you can eliminate options and consequently you do not need to scratch your head while choosing. Be honest with your budget, if you can afford good then go for larger and perfect finish frames, otherwise, go for some basics (they’re worth too).

2. Keep in mind the Screen Resolution

The most important part of a digital photo frame is its screen, it should be appropriate to fit your pretty picture perfectly. Well, it’s kind of a crucial task as you have to bear in mind the pixels of your picture should not tear apart. The smaller screen can fit anywhere in your home and also it offers you shaper pixels. On the other hand, the bigger screen might add to the charm of your picture. I’d suggest you go between 9 to 10 inches as it will be sufficient to give a new life to your picture and you can place it anywhere without thinking too much.

Talking about the resolution, if you want detailed features then you go for Full HD Resolution even with your eyes shut. And if you want a simple piece then 1200 X 800 pixels is quite enough. Here I have suggestions if you want to buy classic frames, one is The Aura Mason having a 9-inch screen with 1600 X 200 panel and the other is the Nixplay 2K Smart Digital Photo Frame that offers you the perfect resolution of 2048 X 1536.

Digital Photo Frame

3. Vividness and Color Reproduction

Well, you buy digital frames for A REASON, and that is you want the perfect hues and brightness. So these are the important factors to consider. Just make sure the item you pick has decent color contrast reproduction and it should be bright enough to catch the attention of anyone walking by. Your photo frame should have the feature of adjusting contrast, saturation, color correction, etc. Here is my suggestion, if you want something perfectly adjustable then you should go for the Aura Mason (perfect pick it is!).

4. Decide the Viewing Angle

Frame with matte coating on the screen would be your best pick if you want to place it in a room with plenty of windows. Also, you can go for the perfect glossy screen if you are placing it across the light source. There are many frames that automatically adapt the brightness according to the light source (that’s a perfect feature) for example- Facebook Portal and the Aura Mason. Also, if you want to go for a matte finish then Nixplay Seed Wave would be the best option.

5. App and Cloud Storage Compatibility

Smart frames come with in-built Wi-Fi using which they give you alluring slideshows of your pictures. Basically your pictures transfer via partner app to the cloud storage so make sure they are perfectly compatible. Some cloud providers provide you free online storage while some charge for extra storage. The amazing part is some frames even offer you to store copies of synced images through their in-built capacity. So you really need to think about what benefits you want and what you can let go of.

This is it! consider these factors and you are good to go!


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