improve iphone battery life
How to Improve battery life and health of any iPhone. iPhone SE, iPhone 6,7,8, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro

If you’re looking for best battery saving tips and want to improve your iPhone battery life then you’re on the right page. This all tips and tricks will work on every single iPhone, all touch-id / face-id iPhone. It is not only you but generally all the iPhone users are always complaining about battery life and they want to improve it.  

Apple is giving less battery capacity in their iPhone product as compared to Android smartphone and that is a reason behind getting less battery life. But here we are not going to debate the Android VS iOS topic because it will be going endless. In this article we will suggest you best battery saving tips for your iPhone and you should definitely try it out.  

How to improve battery life on your iPhone

1. Turn-Off Auto Downloads for App Store

When any application update is available, the App store automatically downloads it and updates it. It will consume more battery and data in the background. If you turn-off this, it will be helpful in improving battery life.  

  • Go-to Settings
  • Select your name section that appears top in your device setting
  • Go-to iTunes & App store section
  • Turn-off Automatic Downloads under Cellular data
11 Pro health
  • Off video AutoPlay (It will help in battery life while you’re in App Store)
  • Toggle-Off In-App Ratings & Reviews (It turn off Ratings & Reviews that asking by Application itself)
  • Switch On “Offload Unused Apps”

2. Turn-Off unwanted notification by Application

When a new notification arrives, it turns on the display and consumes more battery because Display of the smartphone consumes a high battery compared to other components. Turn-off unwanted notification is a good idea to improve battery life.  

11 Pro health
  • Go-to Settings
  • Select Notifications
  • Select the App which you’re looking for to turn-off.
  • Toggle-off “Allow Notifications”

3. Manage Display and Brightness

Manage Display and Brightness is more important because we said earlier that display of a device consumes more battery compared to other components. From iOS 13, iPhone officially supports Dark Mode and it is very useful to improve battery life. In AMOLED display, Dark mode plays a major role to save battery by reducing white pixels.   

11 Pro health
  • Go-to Settings
  • Select Display & Brightness
  • Turn on Automatic Dark Mode (or you can manually do this)
  • Choose 30 second or 1 minute for Auto-Lock
  • Turn-off Raise to Wake (It will disable functionality of wake up when we pick-up the phone)

4. Turn-Off Listen for “Hey Siri”

This option is for those people who are not interested in Siri or any virtual assistant. iPhone users can activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” or “Hold power button”, the first option is to always activate your mic and scan the voice “Hey Siri”. It is a very useful feature but only for interested users, if you want to save more battery life then you can disable it. After disabling it, the user also can activate Siri by pressing the side button.  

11 Pro health
  • Go-to Settings
  • Select “Siri & Search”
  • Turn-off Listen to “Hey Siri”
  • You also can disable “Allow Siri when locked” (It don’t allow users to access Siri while device is locked)
  • You can Turn-off “Suggestions in Look Up” and “Suggestion on Lock Screen” (It will turn-off unwanted suggestions)

5. Turn-On Optimized Battery Charging

This feature is useful when the device is charging, it will alert the device from heating and reduce battery aging. This tip is highly recommended to all the users because this feature maintains device battery health.  

Improve battery health of iPhone
  • Go-to Settings
  • Select Battery and choose Battery Health.
  • Turn-On Optimized Battery Charging

6. Turn-Off location service for unwanted apps

Some of the Applications required a location service and that runs in the background, but there are also some unwanted third-party apps that also require a location. These all unwanted apps always runs in the background and try to fetch device location and it consumes battery and it is better to turn it off.   

Improve battery health of iPhone
  • Go-to Settings and select Privacy
  • Select “Location Services”
  • Choose Application
  • Select option as per your preferences.

You also have to change some system services option for improvement in battery life.

Improve battery health of iPhone

In “Location Services” select “System Services”

Turn-Off things that listed below

  • “Apple Pay Merchant Identification” (This option is for those country people where Apple Pay is not supported)
  • HomeKit (If not supported in your country)
  • Location-Based Alerts, Apple Ads, Suggestions
  • “Significant Locations”
  • “iPhone Analytics”, “Popular Near Me”, “Routing & Traffic”

7. Turn-Off Push “Fetch New Data”

This feature continuously pushes data to iPhone from Servers and it consumes battery because it is working in background all the time. If you turn it off, the iPhone will never fetch data by Push method. If you select fetch for iCloud instead of PUSH, you will get new contacts and mails updated by refreshing the application.  

Improve battery health of iPhone
  • Select “Password and Accounts” from Settings
  • Choose “Fetch New Data”
  • Turn-Off Push button and select “Automatically” in Fetch section.

8. Background App Refresh

Background App refresh allows the application to run in background, and it also impacts battery life. If you want to save more battery life then you should turn-off by going to a particular application.  

Improve battery health of iPhone
  • Go-to Setting and select particular application on that you want to try it out.
  • Turn-off Background App Refresh