The Android 11 Beta 3 brings with it the latest and final additions for the testing phase of the software update coming soon. While the Pixel Feature Drops has reduced much of the need for diving deep into the Android 11 developer beta phase, the Beta 3 is just the finalization of the OS update before the actual launch, smoothing out kinks and making some new additions.

While it is a very minimal update overall, let us have a look at some of the newest additions in this phase!

1. Android 11 new Emoji Keyboard

Android 11 Beta 3 New Emojis

The Android 11 emoji can presently be used as a part and parcel of the Android 11 Beta 3 phase. The emojis added a total of 117 new emojis coming with 55 various skin tones, perfect for expressing yourselves digitally.

However, note that while users can send them to anyone, some recipient devices may, perhaps, not receive them correctly.

2. Changes in Power Menu

Android 11 Beta 3 new Power Button tweaks

Some changes and tweaks have been introduced into the power menu. Whenever the Lockdown mode is enabled, the Power button will now have a breadcrumbs menu icon. Choosing the icon will bring to the front, a floating window giving the options to power off or to restart the handset.

For users that have kept the Lockdown mode disabled, they won’t see the mini floating window. The power off button comes back to the central position and has the restart option to the right.

3. Quick Settings Media Controls Tweaks

Android 11 Beta 3 Quick Setting

The new update introduced a few changes and tweaks to the media player controls that can be found within the Quick Settings section. For starters, users can find a divider now, when playing audio, that can be found in between the end of the Quick Settings toggles and the media player pane.

Yet another tweak now allows users to swipe away from any such media that is not playing. Head on to the settings and toggle on the ‘hide player when the media session has ended’ option to enable it.

4. Smooth Display at 90Hz

Smooth Display feature

In the previous updates of Android 11 Beta 2 and Beta 2.5, the feature to force a 90 Hz refresh rate was pulled out. This was attributed to some display flickering issues that tormented the devices then. Reversing that change, the Android 11 Beta 3 phase has now brought back the option of the 90 Hz refresh rate, albeit under a new name, Smooth Display.

Users need to go to developer options and search for Smooth Display to make use of the functionality for a smooth and enhanced user experience.

5. Android 11 New Easter Egg Feature

New Easter Eggs feature

Going to the settings pane reveals the Android 11 logo to users, but what many may miss out on is that there is a newly added Easter Egg hidden in plain sight. If users swipe the toggle to 11, a cat emoji toast notification is brought up. This feature enables users to add some number of controls to the device controls section where users can attract cats just like previously in the Android Nougat era.

While this latest update and possibly the last one before the final launch doesn’t bring too many major changes, what is your thought on Android 11 Beta 3 ? Have you already installed the Beta 3 version? Let us know in the comments below!