Face ID for Mac and MacBook

The concept of Face ID has now been in the market for quite a long time. The first phone with the feature of Face ID came in 2005, that was in Japan. But it wasn’t used commercially just yet. It took, 12 years for Apple to bring face ID into their iPhone. Then it became a basic norm for all of us. Now Face Unlock has been a basic feature of any phone in the market. But ONLY PHONES! Laptops still follow the old school need to type password to unlock, or setting up your Apple watch in case of MacBook, or using your touch ID in the newer models of the MacBook. Such as MacBook Air and MacBook Pro that currently have biometric authentication through Touch ID that is built into the keyboard. But according to some leaks and rumors, Apple will give Face ID to upcoming Mac and MacBook  

Reason for the assumption of Face ID

But now it has been discovered that, Apple would be introducing a TrueDepth camera on macOS Big Sur. Also, codes such as “FaceDetect” and “BioCapture” were found within the extension. This confirms that the company is working to bring facial recognition to its computers as these codes are like those used in the iOS. 

Face ID for Mac and MacBook

Currently the latest MacBook uses an Intel quad-core processor but now, it has been found that Apple would be changing their processor to their own, Apple Silicon Chips which would also have the same Neural Engine as the A-Series Bionic Chips used in the iPhones and iPads. This neural technology is necessary to the way Face ID works, as it analyzes the details of the user’s face through machine learning in no time.  


As for now, we do not know the way Face ID would work, but it would have the same functions as the Face ID in iPhone and iPad. Bringing Face recognition to the MacBook would give users a more convenient and unique experience in terms of unlocking the computer. In addition to face recognition, the TrueDepth camera also enables features like animated Memoji and better integration with augmented reality apps.  

With the first Apple Silicon Mac coming later this year, users will also be able to run any iOS app on macOS, which is one more reason to have the TrueDepth camera on Macs.  

Again, these are only assumptions, there are no announcements from Apple which point towards the inclusion of Face ID in the new MacBook other than the statement that read that Face ID would be coming to “more” of their devices. Whether face ID is included in the new Mac or not, that would only be confirmed when Apple officially makes an announcement.