Bring your smile back with VISMA – The Visible Mask

Visible Mask VISMA

While the whole world is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, with the help of masks and vaccines, Asterism Pacific Technology has declared all over the world that it has innovated an amazing face mask which is otherwise called VISMA for the people to protect themselves against the virus. VISMA stands for “Visible Mask” as the name suggests, this is a transparent mask made up of high-end transparency parts, and food-grade silicone which makes it suitable and harmless for the body.

To promote this newly modernized transparent mask around the globe, this Hong-Kong based company has announced a fundraiser campaign on the website of Kickstarter, and requests for us to support them and spread awareness about this useful product. If they will get enough funds then they will start manufacturing parts for this product.

The mask offers an adaptable elastic headband strap that has 160g weight, and it also provides an anti-fog feature. After all, this mask can be reused and washed again. It offers a functioning ventilation system as well as it makes sure full protection for us.

Due to the pandemic, we have seen masks appearing in various styles and kinds. But this is for the first time, we are seeing a transparent mask that provides different functionality for protection by keeping the comfort of its users in mind. 

Through its official site and Kickstarter site, it has released a 1 minutes 26 seconds promo video that explains all the features of this mask. “VISMA MASK, let us bring the smile back to our lives. Vaccines are coming but masks will stay here for a while. VISMA VISIBLE MASK is a simple lightweight solution designed for our everyday needs. It is easy to fold and carry, a low-tension strap will comfortably secure the mask on your face. It is made of food-grade silicone so it is completely safe to use throughout the day.

With three adjustable levels of airflow, an electric fan delivers filtered fresh air that fits your needs from work to outdoor activities. The airflow will also help eliminate fogging for up to 8 hours. Out of battery, simply replace another battery then you are good to go. Cleaning is easy, simply remove electronics and wipe dry. You can even use a sanitiser to clean it anytime. We redefine the new normal, protect yourself comfortably and bring the smile back with VISMA, the visible mask” says the promo video on the website with visualisations. It also says that it has 10 different straps in every box to fit with your face. Similarly, the second promo video on the same site indicates the similar features of the mask as shown in the first video with some additional visualizations.

Going through all these things, we have summarized the features and advantages of the VISMA mask for you:-

  1. It has food-grade silicone which makes this environment friendly.
  2. It has a good ventilation system offered by an electric fan, which makes breathing easy with no suffocation.
  3. People who use spectacles often face the problem of foggy spectacles and to counter this problem, this mask provides anti fog features which would do wonders.
  4. This mask is quite easy to reuse and rewash which indicates its durability feature.
  5. It has a battery life of 8 hours which is kept alive by a USB type-c charging port or you can replace the batteries any time.
  6. Once its air filters get dirty, they can be easily replaced by new ones that indicate its replaceable feature.   
  7. This mask can easily intake an air volume at the rate of 16 L/Minute.

Even if the Hong-Kong manufacturer has mentioned major advantages associated with its mask but we have figured out a few drawbacks that you need to know before using this mask:- 

  1. Even if it is shown that the mask is light-weight, the 160g weight is something similar to the weight of our phones. So, if we make a comparison of this mask with our phone even if 160 g is less but it’s still a bit heavy for our ears to hold the weight of this mask. So, in my opinion, replacing the heavier parts with lightweight components can do good in reducing the weight of the mask to some extent.
  2. Even if it uses food-grade silicone which is safe for us and environmentally friendly, still this has some limitations. The major limitation to food-grade silicon is that it doesn’t absorb sweat. Imagine yourself using this mask in hot and humid weather and you are likely to get sweat, and in this situation, the food-grade silicon lags as it is unable to absorb sweat.
  3. Despite being easy to recharge by replacing the batteries or by charging through the USB type-c port, we can still see a minor drawback which might become a big problem in future i.e., we have to use a separate magnetic connector to transfer power from the battery to the fan.

VISMA mask especially emphasises bringing back the lost smile on our faces which was earlier covered by other opaque masks. So, making transparent masks would bring the smile back again on our faces which is the real aim of Asterism Pacific Technology.

Till now, this is all that we have with us about the upcoming VISMA transparent masks. We will update you as soon as we get any more information regarding this matter. Stay tuned and follow T3XH on Google news, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more tech-related reviews, news updates.