Can we rely on Alexa for assistance?


In our fast-paced lives, we don’t have time to stop and sigh. Morning to night, food to sleep, dawn to dusk, we have no time for stopping and thinking. In this running routine, if we get a mini-companion, reasonable, easily chargeable, handy and ‘no-demands’ gadget. Lying on your bed at night and just saying “Alexa, wake me up at 7am”. Waking up and asking “Alexa, what is my schedule for today”. Doesn’t that make you so relaxed and free?

Alexa is the perfect assistant we can give ourselves. It is virtually a genie. Fulfilling all our demands “at-the-go”. Be it:

  • Birthdays and important dates, it notifies you.
  • Schedule time blocks, it reminds you.
  • Songs and dialogues, it entertains you.
  • Study and research, it helps you.

If you come to see it widely, Alexa is an alloy of assistance, company, guidance and fun. All of us have already seen Alexa at work, at our homes or in movies and advertisements. Be sure! It actually works with efficiency and reliability. Many people who have designed new modular smart homes have also installed smart lights and switches that work on the order just like Alexa. Imagine coming home from an exhausting day at work and letting Alexa switch on the lights, fans, air conditioners and the TV. It is indeed commendable. Talking about its sound quality, Alexa plays fairly well in this league too. The music has appreciable quality and bass. Giving accurate information and outputs is ‘in-built’ in this ‘wonder-lady.’

Every coin has two faces. Sad but true.

Do we actually need this kind of a dependency on a gadget? Doesn’t it make us lazy and lousy. Providing all our information, from passwords to pin codes, time tables to properties to a tech-based device can go multifariously haywire, ruining everything in one go. This level of a dependency on Alexa can go villainous any moment. Many researchers also say that keeping Alexa near doors or windows may lead to intruders hacking the system and accessing all information about the household. Moreover, Alexa hears everything. Though they only hear in order to catch the “Wake up sound” but think practically, it is actually hearing everything. Not a very good idea now, it seems, right?

What to do now? Just limit the usage of your Alexas and Siris. Put them on only when you are actually in the mood of listening to music or trying to gather information. Keep it off elsewhere. That is an intelligent way to let it be good instead of “too good to be true”