iphone 12

In this era where we all look for something new – something exciting way too frequently, the announcement by Apple has, as always, caught the attention of us all. The launch of iPhone 12 series has been long awaited. All the gadget lovers desire to own one of these shiny little things as soon as it arrives.

But do you often ask yourself why you’re so eager? Well! It’s because you believe you simply HAVE to have one of those, don’t you ?

Although a lot of smartphones are to be released in 2020, people just cannot stop talking about iPhone 12. There must be a reason for this craziness in the air, don’t you think?  We might have the answer for you. As the date of the launch of this beauty is approaching nearby; a number of rumors are jumping along as well.

The features, price, size and several other aspects of the new iPhone series are the hot topic. Some say there will be four different models, while others say there will be a crazy flip in this iPhone just like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Some people have also claimed that this time there will be no power adaptor in your box of happiness. Even though this might seem disappointing, you’ll be having this piece of machinery anyway. Am I right for iPhone lovers?

Apple has always known to be the GOD of smartphones, raising the bar of the tech world every year with its brand new mesmerizing models. The moment a new iPhone arrives you just look at the older version in your hand, telling it something like this – “Aren’t you with me for a while now? Let me just grab a new one”. Trust me we all do the same.

Well, you have so many reasons to buy The Great 2020 iPhone (iPhone 12). I’ve noted down a few for you, though these are just rumours as of now but you never know.

  • Four amazing shiny glass models that too in screen sizes between 5.5 – 6.7 inches. Just wow!!
  • You’ll get OLED display technology and a 120Hz “ProMotion”, what else you could even ask for?
  • 3D triple-lens camera to enhance your beauty and make your picture-perfect. Now stop drooling so soon, I’ve more to tell.
  • Your new smartphone will be supporting 5G for the very first time in the history of iPhones.
  • The new A14 chip is going to bring speed and efficiency along, making you happier like ever.
  • One of the models could come with an astounding navy blue finish. Now you just can’t wait anymore, right?

The more information we get about it, the more impatient we are becoming for the September release. But keep calm; you’re soon to get this amazing model right in your hands. This is just the magic of Apple; it leaves you obsessed with its models anyhow. iPhone 12 is going to have everything that matters to everyone else. Hold your excitement and keep listening to media buzz; you might get some more crispy rumors.