jio glasses

Asia’s richest man unveiled Jio Glasses, a combination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality eye-wear that anchors virtual objects to the real world, at Reliance Industries Ltd.’s 43rd annual general meeting. Since the beginning of the pandemic Reliance Industries have been in the news. They recently launched Jio mart which is going to give tough competition to Grofers and all such platforms. It is also aiming to target OTT platforms with Jio TV+.  

Jio Glasses

Now talking about Jio glass it has been launched as one of the next-generation products that are focused on the onset of the 5G network. Reliance Industries is now at the top of its game to make reliance a new unicorn. It is entering every sector and now it is a tech sector innovation. So, who are the main people who came up with this innovative product to make the life of Youth and other people a little interesting and interactive with such video conferencing features? Let me tell you. The product has been designed and built by Tesseract — a five-year old deep tech start-up that was acquired by RIL in 2019 for an undisclosed amount. Founded by Kshitij Marwah at a small warehouse in Mumbai, the start-up is a subsidiary of RIL but is run independently.  

jio glasses

In the AGM, Akash Ambani and Isha Ambani, the board directors of Reliance Jio, tried the holographic video call through Jio Glasses, during the session where the 3D image of Akash Ambani chatted with her sister in 2D format.

Supported Apps

Jio claims that it will bring support for 25 apps that will enable augmented reality video meetings, games and more. It weighs in at around 75 grams. It looks a lot like a combination of Bose Frames and Snapchat Spectacles. However, unlike Spectacles that has two cameras near the two lenses, Jio Glass has a camera in the middle. Additionally, the two smart glasses, Jio Glass has built-in speakers and battery that are safely tucked inside the two legs.


With the help of the Jio Glass, the users will be able to create a 3D virtual room, create holographic content, where others can join and conduct a class or a meeting. It will come with spatial audio, so the meetings have crystal clear audio. It also sports a high-resolution display for the user to have a crystal-clear experience in the meetings. The Jio Glass will be tethered using a mobile phone. It will need to stay connected to a smartphone using a wire. And it can also be used to share files and presentations with participants. It can turn a normal video conference more interactive and there will be support for demonstrating presentations within Jio Glass.

AR calls on Jio glasses

VR (virtual reality) and MR (mixed reality) technologies have been in talks since quite some time now. Products have been launched by Google and Facebook, but it did not get such a response from the masses. The pandemic has shown us the importance of a digital environment. The work, education and most services have moved online and Work From Home is gaining ground, even if temporarily, may work in Jio’s favour. The Jio Glass is perhaps a bold attempt in the right direction to help kickstart the consumer adoption of smart glasses in India. The timing is very perfect now. If Reliance can bring amazing products at reasonable prices it is going to see a boom in Indian Market. It will be available to both individuals and businesses in India.

The product sounds interesting. Isn’t it? It has not come in market yet and neither the price has been disclosed. So, are you excited to get the new Jio Glass to have a truly meaningful immersive experience?