Facebook is currently testing Face ID and Touch ID lock for Messenger App on iOS. The company will implement an option to require Face ID and Touch ID authentication to access Messenger app.

Face ID and Touch ID authentication for Messenger app is not a big deal for Facebook because that is already available for WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook. Use can define whenever he/she wants to lock Messenger like Always after leaving, choose between 1-15-60 Minute after leaving it.

Face ID Messenger

This feature will not work for individual chat because it is made to secure the app from miscellaneous people. Facebook has released this update for only some number of users, because this feature is currently under development. Company plans to expand this feature to more number of users for testing. 

Facebook told to Engadget that they are offering this because it is a part of the company’s measures to ensure users privacy.

We want to give people more choices and controls to protect their private messages, and recently, we began testing a feature that lets you unlock the Messenger app using your device’s settings. It’s an added layer of privacy to prevent someone else from accessing your messages.

There are no any clues or rumors that say when Facebook will release for everyone. We can’t do more than waiting, and let’s hope Facebook will launch as soon as possible.

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