Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro rumored to feature 33W fast charging

Google Pixel 6 Pro

According to a report from 91 Mobiles, the upcoming Google Pixel 6 series, comprising the Google Pixel 6 & and the Google Pixel 6 Pro, might come with 33W fast charging, which is an upgrade from the previous speeds of fast charging in the Pixel smartphones. As the current Pixel smartphones only support 18W of fast charging.

However, the Pixel 6 series is still under the wraps, but one of the most exciting features includes introducing the entirely new Google Tensor chips, which sound promising. And one more addition to an expected feature is the newly rumored 33W fast charging, which is almost twice the speed of current Pixel smartphones’ capability. One more solid tip unveils the 33W fast charging is a report by Google’s tipster Yogesh Brar, who recently claimed that Google is experimenting with 33W charging bricks.

In a smartphone market that offers fast charging speeds ranging from 100W to 65W, Google does look very shy in the fast-charging front. As companies like Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and others offer way more speed compared to Google. But leaping from 18W to 33W is a big step forward for Google and does make the reveal of the Google Pixel 6 & 6 Prom much awaited. Additionally, like its competitors Apple & Samsung, even Google plans to drop charging bricks from their high-end smartphone, from their Pixel 6 series onwards.

Some of the unofficial specifications of the Google Pixel 6 series include:

A 6.7-inch AMOLED QHD+ display that will be capable of providing a crazy 120Hz of refresh rate for the Pixel 6 Pro. The standard Pixel 6 will come equipped with a 6.4-inch FHD+ AMOLED display capable of providing a 90Hz refresh rate. Unfortunately, there are official numbers related to Google’s latest Google Tensor chip, but from some rumors, the chip is supremely capable of running heavy functions.

The camera setup comprises a dual-camera layout for the Google Pixel 6 and a triple camera layout for the Google Pixel 6 Pro. Both the Pixels will sport a GN1 50MP sensor and a 12MP ultra-wide sensor. However, the Pixel 6 Pro will have an additional 48MP telephoto sensor capable of providing a crazy 4X optical zoom.

Hopefully, in a few months, official news regarding the price, specifications, design, and sales, will be revealed as Google will announce the launch of the Google Pixel 6 series. However, until then, the consumer has to sit tight and keep their eyes peeled for more upcoming rumors of the much-awaited smartphone.