The moment you enter the digital world, you realize the need of protecting your financial health more than ever. Especially in this era, where safeguarding your private information without the risk of failure is almost next to impossible. Imagine someone using your credit card and pretending to be you, terrifying right? One single mistake of yours gives cybercriminals a lot of power and they get immediately what they have been waiting for. Well, there is always a way out for every problem. You have to act in the right way to escape this terror, NO MATTER What! So, here are some tips that we like to tell you so that you can protect yourself from being the victim of identity theft in Digital World specially in 2020.

Paying by cash never harms

Although in this digitalized world paying by cash seems quite traditional but trust me this is the safest mode for transactions. Cash protects you from being traced, we are not saying you can completely escape the risk of being traced but it will help you a lot. Whereas, using debit/credit cards increases the risk of them being cloned or your information being traced.

Using credit cards may seem way too convenient but when it comes to paying a large amount, this convenience might cost you your own identity. Whenever you use your credit card, it may be possible that your details get added to a database. Then what? Then the cybercriminals will buy it from Dark Web. So to avoid such risks, using cash at places like restaurants and shopping malls will not do any harm.

Exhaust the possibilities of your Digital Security

If you are not optimizing your digital security to the fullest there is no way you can shield yourself from identity theft. Even the smallest step decides how far you can walk to the safe path. For example- setting your passwords, always generate your password with the help of a password manager. Use numbers, lower and upper case characters as well as punctuations in your password. Also, NEVER use the same password for your multiple accounts (that’s super easy to track).

Do you find it difficult to bear a bunch of passwords in your mind? No worries just write them in a file but don’t forget to lock that file away. Just set up Passcode, PIN, or thumbprint along with two-factor authentication wherever required.

Always stay awake at public places

Do you know where can you find the identity thieves? Let me tell you, you can find these cyber criminals mostly at busy places like city centers, shopping malls or even in restaurants. Watch out for your wallet more than anything else because it has everything, from your credit cards to driving license to your id. Not just this, these stalkers can also stalk by standing right next to you. Make sure you don’t let anyone stand too close to you while you enter your ATM pin.

So, start watching out! It will help you in a long run.

Keep a close check on your finances

Knowing every single detail about your transactions and bank statements save you from identity theft. Make sure the bank takes the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your account. Not just your bank statements, keep checking your UPI statements too. Don’t forget to activate SMS services from your bank, it will help you to stay updated every minute. You can also use a credit reference agency to secure you against any fraudulent credit applications on your behalf.  

Follow these easy steps and take yourself to the safe path expediently and save protect your data in this Digital World from Hackers.