check battery health oneplus devices

Battery Health is an all time favorite topic and that is always asked by lots-of smartphone owners since Apple released “Battery Health” features on iOS 11.3. There are many ways to check the battery cycle and health through some third party application but they all show wrong information. Many smartphone companies have their in-built diagnostic software that shows the hardware information like Apple and Samsung. The Battery Health that showed by the system itself is correct enough rather than some third party because they neither have system access nor battery diagnostic. If you are looking any tips for how to check battery health on OnePlus devices, you’re on right page.

OnePlus doesn’t provide any features or official application that shows the battery related information like cycle count and health measurement yet. But recently OnePlus launched a new OnePlus diagnostic application that shows the information related to Battery Health. This application also allows us to check the complete diagnostic related to all of the hardware that is presented in the smartphone. If you have any kind of issue related to your smartphone’s hardware, you can check them.

check battery health oneplus devices

The OnePlus diagnostic application offers the automatic and manual hardware issues detection method. You can use auto diagnostics on Memory, SIM and System Version and you can use manual on rest of hardware parts like sensors, battery, screens and many more.

Initially when you purchase a new smartphone your smartphone’s battery health is 100% and that means you can use all over the capacity that battery offers. Battery Health actually shows the accuracy of battery in terms of percentage and when your device’s battery health is reached at 85%, you should change your battery.

The percentage of battery health will be reduced as per the usage level of battery and it is calculated through battery cycle count and real time efficiency. If you own a OnePlus smartphone then you can follow these steps to checkout battery health. This trick will work on any OnePlus devices including the older OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T.

How to check Battery Health on OnePlus Devices ?

check battery health oneplus devices
  1. To measure battery health on your OnePlus device you should download the OnePlus Diagnostic app first.
  2. After installing the application you will see the “VIEW BATTERY STATUS” option on the home screen of app
  3. Click on that option
  4. Under this option you will see the “Battery Health” value under “Battery State” option.

You also can diagnose all the hardware by selecting the “Detect Now” option and you can see previous record of diagnosis by selecting “Record” option. This application will work on OxygenOS and HydrogenOS both. What do you think about this application and, do comment below.

Download OnePlus Diagnostic application for OnePlus devices – Click Here