instagram video chat

Instagram rolled out a new video chat feature where users can create a Room and can video chat with up-to 50 other users. This feature is similar to Facebook Messenger Rooms. Now in the time of lock down, there are good opportunities to build a video calling app and there are good chances of success. Everyone is at home and wants to talk to their friends through video calling apps and students studies through online classrooms.    

Recently, Facebook developed new Messenger Rooms as an alternative to Zoom and Group FaceTime, but that time this feature was only for some specific region’s users. Facebook said that they will implement this feature on Instagram and WhatsApp after some testing.   

Now, Facebook has integrated the Room feature in Instagram. If you want to use this feature, keep in mind that you also need to install Facebook Messenger App on your device.

How to create Room in Instagram

  1. Open Instagram and go-to you Chat section through Paper Airplane Icon that appears on top-right corner
  2. Tap Camera icon in the top-right corner
  3. Tap on Create Room
  4. It asks you about Create Room and enter Room Name which you want to show to others
  5. Click on Join Room to start conversations
  6. Tap on Send Link to share your Group link to others
  7. When you click OK after joining room it will redirect you to Facebook Messenger
  8. Wait until to someone can join you

Keep In Mind

Messenger Rooms are not end-to-end encrypted as FaceTime or WhatsApp group video calls. Messenger allows the user to lock a room to limit on joining people. Facebook also wants to implement this feature in WhatsApp in future.


Instagram introduced a new feature as “Reels”, where users can upload 15 seconds of short videos. And there are some other features like transitions, music, video editing and frame editing. These all features are available in TikTok, and now Instagram also try to allow users to publish this type of video. All these features are the same as TikTok and now Instagram is trying to take over the market of TikTok.