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How to Factory Reset your Mac and Install Fresh macOS


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Whenever your laptop or mobile device starts showing the “Aging Signs”, the first thing that pops into your head is resetting your system. After going all out of troubleshooting methods you decide to factory reset your laptop, either to resell it or to install fresh software.  Although this resetting task seems no piece of a cake, you anyway have to do it for the sake of giving a new life to your laptop. Purging all the old data and doing a fresh install is indeed a crucial process so in this article I’m going to straighten out the process of resetting your Mac and installing fresh macOS.

Let’s start with the process of Resetting the Mac

Before we start, put in mind that you HAVE to keep your backup first to escape the “Self-Accusation” phase because obviously you can’t recover the deleted data. Now let’s start with the step by step process (I’m hoping you have your backup safe with you):

  1. Firstly, shut down your Mac and then restart it while holding the CMD+R keys. Now, release the keys when you see the Apple logo on the screen. This will start your Mac in Recovery Mode
  2. Now, you will get many options on the screen from which you have to choose “Disk Utility”
  3. There will be two partitions in macOS Catalina, one is Macintosh HD and the other is Macintosh HD – Data. You cannot make changes to macOS Catalina as it runs separately on a read-only system.
  4. Now, choose the Macintosh HD –Data and then click the (-) button. After clicking, select “Delete”
  5. Click the Macintosh –HD and then Erase. Now give your hard drive any name and then confirm by clicking “Erase”
  6. Next up, reinstall the macOS by going back to the main “macOS Utilities” folder. In order to download a fresh version of macOS Catalina, it is important your system is connected to WiFi.
  7. Now the fresh version of the macOS operating system will be installed into your system. After the installation, you can continue with the set-up.

Learn how to install fresh macOS using a USB Bootable Drive

This is a very good technique if you want the process to go a little faster than the previous one. Have a look at how it’s done:

  1. The very first and important step is to install the macOS operating system that you will use to create a Bootable Drive. You have two options to do this task, first is to download the public beta of the operating system from Apple Beta Website and the second is to get the stable version from the App Store.
  2. Now, you have to connect the USB Drive (Note: The USB Drive should be 16 GB at least)           
  3. Using the Spotlight, launch Terminal      
  4. For macOS Catalina, you have to enter the following command (Note: you have to replace ‘My Volume’ with the name of your USB Drive) sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/MyVolume                                 
  5. Now, click the enter button and type your password when asked
  6. In this step, you will be asked for your final confirmation. Just type Y and then enter
  7. Your Mac will now create the Bootable Drive (check the process in the Terminal App)
  8. When you see the process is done, you can eject the drive
  9. Next up, shut you Mac, down and plug in the Drive. Hold the option key and boot your Mac, you will be shown the option to reinstall the operating system.
  10. Hit enter after selecting the Install File

So, this is how you can give a new life to your Mac!

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