iPhone battery health 100%

You purchased a new iPhone and worried about the battery health ?? Here are some important tips and tricks that will help to maintain 100% battery health of your iPhone. Basically in March 2018, Apple rolled out a new iOS 11.3 update that shows the information related battery health and conditions. This feature actually shows the capability of battery in terms of percentage. Initially when the device battery is in a new condition, the feature will show 100% of battery health.  

The percentage of battery health is calculated using your battery total cycle count and as per the performance of battery. The meaning of 100% battery health is that if you charge your device up-to 100%, the battery will give you all the 100%. This number will decrease after some times as per your battery condition.  

This feature also shows the Performance Capability and you will be notified if your iPhone is not performing well. You will find a “Optimized Battery Charging” toggle under your “Battery Health” section, this feature will reduce battery aging and learn your charging habit. It will work according to your daily charging routine, we suggest you to turn on this feature.   

How to check “Battery Health”

iPhone battery health 100%

If you’re on iOS 11.3 or later you can check your “Battery Health” by going into the Settings > Battery > Battery Health. You also can turn on “Optimized Charging” from there.  

Battery Heating

If your iPhone contacts sunlight on a daily basis and it stays for a long time, your device will heat up and it will also generate heat on the battery part. It happens also when you drive a car and put your device on the dashboard. We suggest you never put your device on the dashboard while driving a car. It contacts directly with sunlight and it will start heating, it will drain your battery faster. When your device is completely on high temperature like 40-45% you can switch off your device to prevent the heating issue.  

Apple says that if your device battery health is less than 80%, then you should change your battery. We suggest you to change your iPhone battery through Apple’s authorized service center not from any local market. If you change your iPhone battery through any local market, it will cost you less but maybe it will not be compatible with the iOS system. iOS system shows an error if you use any kind of duplicate or third party battery. The error may be like “Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery” and sometimes it will shut down your iPhone automatically. So be careful and change your iPhone battery through Apple service center.  

Change your charging habit

Charge your iPhone when it reaches 20% of battery capacity and charge up-to 80%. If you charge your device to 100%, the battery requires more voltage to full it up and it will reduce your iPhone battery life. Do not completely dead your iPhone battery, when this happens and you put on charging the battery requires more power to turn the device on. Completely 1 battery cycle is counted if you charge your device from 0-100%. If you charge your device from 20-80% it will cost around 1/3 or 1/4 battery cycle count. If you change your daily charging routine to this, you can maintain the 100% of battery health of your iphone. 

If you charge your device overnight, don’t do that. It will negatively affect on your battery health negatively. So charge your device once in a day and do not overcharge the device.  

Powers and Cables

Charge your iPhone through an original iPhone cable that comes within the box. This cable is certified by Apple and it will behave according to Apple standards. The quality of cables that come inside the box is very poor, this cable will be dead after some time. But there are lots-of alternative iPhone cables available in the market but don’t buy the cheap cables. During buying the iPhone cables make sure that it is a MFi (Made For iPhone) cable. This type of cable maintains the charging standards that Apple itself.  

It will cost you half compared to the original cable and you will get better quality than Apple. If you’re looking for the best alternatives of MFi cables then you should check out this. (MFi cables – check Price)

iPhone battery health 100%

These MFi cables are completely safe and it doesn’t harm your device at all. If you buy some cheap quality cables through the local market, it may harm your device’s motherboard and you’ve to pay more to repair this. So beware of this and buy good quality cables.  

You must use the adapter that comes inside the box with your iPhone and if your phone supports 5W charging then you should use a 5W charger. Don’t use any third party local charger, you can use the certified chargers that are provided by other smartphone companies. The latest iPhone now supports 18W fast charging and they must use the original power adapters. What you think about the basic idea that provided in this article to keep 100% iphone battery health.