In Apple’s recent WWDC event, the company released a new version of iOS, macOS, iPadOS and watchOS. This new version of OS comes with lots-of new features and updates. iOS 14 brings new Design changes, Security updates and some new customization. Now users can private their device’s MAC address that runs on iOS 14.   

This feature will help when a user’s device is connected on a public WiFi network and protect from spammers. A MAC address is a very important part of any digital device because every address has its own identity. iOS 14 developer beta offers to private this address and this feature is very interesting.   

Why this feature is require ?

MAC address is a unique identity of every device and it should be protected from spammers. When a device is connected through any public WiFi network, then everyone can see the device MAC address and misuse it. There is a high possibility that any spammer uses our MAC address and misuse it.  

After using the private MAC feature that is available on iOS 14, nobody can see the device’s original MAC address. This feature actually masc a duplicate address on the original MAC address, user can only see the duplicate one

How to enable this feature ?

  • 1. Go-to Setting App that available on your iPhone
  • 2. Then click on WiFi
  • 3. Select connected WiFi
private MAC ios 14
  • 4. Choose “Use Private Address” option over there
private MAC ios 14
  • 5. Turn this on.
private MAC ios 14
  • 6. You are good to go.

This feature is available for macOS since while in iOS it is for the first time. It is a very important feature in privacy perspectives and every user must enable this. Only those users can use this feature who already installed the iOS 14 developer beta version. We don’t recommend you to install this beta version because it comes with lots-of bugs and it needs improvement, it is not a stable build.

In Apple’s WWDC 2020 event they released watchOS 7, macOS 11 Big Sur, iPadOS 14 and iOS 14 with many new features. Here is the new feature list of iOS 14, if you don’t know about this.  

  1. Privacy and Security Improvement
  2. New Home Screen Widget
  3. Action to double / triple tap on the back side of iPhone
  4. New App Library
  5. Power reserve mode
  6. Improvements in control center
  7. Sound Recognition
  8. Notified when Application access the camera, microphone and location
  9. New privacy option when installed app require permission
  10. Simplified Siri
  11. Improvement in Call UI