Well, what if you see an attractive article with amazing pictures but the language is unknown to you? How frustrating it is, right? No matter whether you are just a curious reader, a student who has been assigned the translation task, or a researcher, each one of us needs an effective translation tool at some point. As we know how iOS 14 features charm us each time we hear about them, here I have yet another remarkable feature to tell you about. Now your iPhone will have a built-in translation tool, thanks to iOS 14! Now, you can translate your Safari web pages on your iPhone that run on iOS 14.

With iOS 14 Safari can translate web pages in real-time and you will not need any third-party app to perform the task for you (pretty convenient!). This new Web page Translation Feature lets Safari automatically detect the foreign language web page you visit and you’ll know if it can translate the language based on your preferred language list. As of now, Safari supports a few languages including English, German, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese.

How to Translate Safari Web Pages in iOS 14

  1. Head to the Safari on your iPhone and open the Webpage you want to translate.
  2. Now, on the left side of the address bar, tap on the Action Button
  3. Click Translate to (whatever your device language is) option. Then click on Enable Translation
  4. Boom! The webpage has been translated into the language that you chose on your device

Now, read these steps if you want to revert that page to its original language:

  1. Open Safari and head to the same Webpage
  2. In the Safari Address Bar, tap on Translate Button
  3. Finally, select View Original option to translate it back to its original language

But wait, what if you want to translate the webpage in a language that is not supported by your device? Or what if your phone is not updated to iOS 14? Be at ease, we have a solution for this too. You can simply use a third-party app like Microsoft Translator to perform this task for you. It is one of the most effective apps which supports a bunch of languages.

The best part about Microsoft Translator is that it’s absolutely FREE and available in many countries so you won’t be facing location issues. Also, it is important to note that Microsoft Translator works with any iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 11 or later (sounds perfect).

So let’s get started with the easy guide:

How to Translate Webpages using Microsoft Translator  

  1. First, you have to download Microsoft Translator on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Head to Safari and open the Webpage that you want to translate
  3. Now, click the Share Button at the bottom
  4. Scroll down until you find Translator and then tap on it
  5. Finally, the whole webpage will be translated into the language of your choice

So, did you see how easy it is to translate any web page either by the In-built Translation tool or Microsoft Translator? Try it now!