Improvement in the Vivo FunTouchOS 11 is on the edge

Vivo FuntouchOS 11

It is no mystery that Vivo uses its very own FunTouch operating system which is equivalent to the android series. Its latest version is FunTouchOS 11 which is based on Android 11. Vivo promises a wide array of new features in their new update. Here’s all about it:

As mentioned in the official website, the ‘Concise Design’ is everything relating to attention to detail and soft, simple ideas. All of the important information is provided in a straightforward and understandable manner, and fingertip control is simpler, more intuitive and upgraded.The end product is an easy and smarter first hand experience that is achieved effortlessly.

The icons and UI design is easy and efficient, and it eliminates all possibility of distractions. It has a certain newness to it, something which makes the phone, its screen pop, get noticed. A soft nature binds the icons together, while the small and personalised components add a rather unnoticeable sharpness. There is a certain uniqueness to all the icons. It has been tried to give it an effect where everytime you come across a Vivo screen, you are lightened up, you feel relaxed. Formed from a seemingly complex colour palette, a plethora of colours and light effects collide. A number of natural themes are successfully tried to be included viz, sunrise, moonlight, sunset and daytime. In the manufacturer’s word, “Choose and change the styles and effects, and watch time flow in an artistic manner”.

Features like separating the background from the subject or vice versa, altering the portrait size and perspective, and even fully changing the background by selecting from a wide gallery of basic and advanced stock backgrounds doesn’t need a flashy editing app or mad photoshop skills, now these are available in the gallery itself. A new era of photographic innovation is on the horizon.

Improved transparency, auto-optimised facial features, and enhanced overall colour choices to fix distorted, low-definition, or fading photos are fixed automatically through the camera and phone sensors.

There is another feature in the video and still category which makes this operating system stand out, HD Restore. With this, you can review old video clips and highlight key moments with this tool. With a single click, you can add on vlog templates and create customised videos. A quick and direct sharing feature from this window is included in this feature. Add the high quality camera of Vivo phones, and you’ll be at the top of the photo game. This is useful for both casual and professional purposes.

Do you search all day long for screen-recording apps available on the play store? Are you struggling with the phone or application audio not being recorded at times, if at all? This isn’t the case with the new FunTouchOS 11. This includes multiple options for screen shots and screen recordings including long, rectangular, shaped and doodled screenshots. The screen recording in this is a totally different game. You can use the Screen Recording function to make game commentary videos, tutorial videos, and more by recording audio (with the microphone on, machine playback sound on, and even on mute). All in all, something is up in the Vivo office and it is worth our time.