iPhone 12 : Everything that you should know about it

iPhone 12 5G

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in April 1976, so apple is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures which consumes electronics and computer products. Firstly, the company operates in more than 250 retail stores in each 9 different countries and an online store where we find hardware and software products are sold. In adding information Apple will be launching 4 new models under the iPhone 12 series in 2020 which is “iPhone12, iPhone12 Max, iPhone12 pro, iPhone12 pro Max”

About the new launch of iPhone12 , it is going to launch on October 23rd (which is 6.1inch) whereas the iPhone 12 mini is expected to launch on November 20th.


Coming to the features of iPhone 12 we can see a 5.4inch size, slightly camera lenses with thicker antenna lines and the next we have a true tone display with haptic touch. Moreover the height is of 5.78inches with width of 2.82 and depth is of 0.29 and the last weight is of 5.78.


More importantly above all we have the camera with dual 12MP with ultra wide f/2.4 aperture with night mode in contrast to deep fusion and portrait mode consequently brighter true tone flash with slow syn.

Similarly we can see front camera with the same 12MP photos with retina flash, cinematic video stabilization on the other hand the new feature in “SIRI” is first we can use our voice to run shortcuts from your favourite apps and second activate hands- free with only your voice using “hey sire”.

For instance power and battery we have Magnate and wireless charging with no earphones and lastly coming to the sim card it’s of dual sim with Nano and e-sum.


For the first time, iPhone12 will support 5G including ultra-band mm waves in the U.S infect the fastest kind of 5G service available. And the interesting thing is the most popular game in the world called “League of legends” is coming to the iPhone12 in which apple says it is only possible because of its proprietary with A14

Chip and 5G speed.

iPhone 12

However the iPhone 12 won’t have a pair of headphones because the reason behind this is Apple wants to cut down packaging and reduce carbon emissions.

When we compare iPhone12 with iPhone11 we can see some changes between both of them such as iPhone12 is having a 6.1 super retina XDR display but whereas, iPhone11 is having the same 6.1 liquid retina HD display.

Design and Processor

iPhone12 is the fastest A14 bionic chip in a smart phone and 11 is of A13 bionic chip. iPhone12 can resist water to a depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes similarly, in iPhone11 water resistant to a depth of only 2meters for up to 30 minutes. By Concluding, in my perception people may or may not be like it because we cannot see so many changes comparing Iphone12 with the other iPhone sach 11 and 11 pro we can only see slight changes. Moreover product getting sales in our Indian market will be high because it’s an iPhone the craze will be more with high range and high demand. People taking the iPhone majority will be high depends on the prices yet they might buy slowly when price decreases.as a result definitely maximum interest in our Indian market will be more to come forward to buy iPhone.