Messenger Rooms

Today, Facebook announced that “Messenger Rooms” is now available to everyone and each and every user can use this new feature. This feature was released one month ago but at that time it was only for some specific users and for some beta testers. This time Messenger Rooms might be an alternative to the Zoom app because Facebook allows up to 50 people in one room. Now it is locked down due to the current situation and everyone is trying to meet people through online platforms like Zoom calls, Google Meet, Skype etc. This is a great time to build a new video calling feature for everyone, and Facebook is also planning to build it    

In a blog post on Facebook, they explain about Messenger Rooms platform and how it will work. You can share your rooms through your Facebook News feed, Groups and Events. Users will have also authority to choose who can see your room and join. Room creator also can remove people from your room as well as you can lock your Room regarding some Privacy issue.  

Messenger Rooms

Whenever you create a Room, people will get notified through notifications. Your Room will appear at the top of the News Feed or through notifications. If your friend or group creates rooms that are open to you or when you’re invited to a room, you can join through your Phone or Computer.   

Privacy and Safety

Facebook claims that they are building a Room with privacy and safety. So this thing must be clear whenever you join the Messenger Room and feel comfortable connecting with your friend. Facebook also said that we don’t view and listen to your calls. The person who creates Room that controls who can join, who sees Room and Lock the Room for Guest Person. The creator can also remove guests at any time.  

There is one limitation about some users that the users of North America can create a Room directly from Facebook App itself and rest of countries need to download Messenger App by Facebook from Play Store or App Store.  


 Instagram rolled out a new video chat feature where users can create a Room and can video chat with up-to 50 other users. This feature is similar to Facebook Messenger Rooms. What you think about this smart move of Facebook, let us know through the comment section.