Just like Apple’s Mac App Store, now you can use your android applications on Windows 10. Yes, you read it right, finally Microsoft is all set to deliver you a strong app portfolio for Windows 10. You don’t need to pick up your phone while working on your system, just integrate your apps with Windows 10 and start multitasking. You must have heard about “Your Phone” app in Windows 10, right? Now users will be able to access this feature because of the recent upgrade in Your Phone app. Through this Microsoft’s Your Phone App you can enjoy a bunch of Android Apps that too in a separate window, super convenient.

This is not it, you also have the benefit of pinning these apps to Windows 10 taskbar or Start Menu and keep up your multitasking skills with alt+tab support. Microsoft has successfully kicked off the hassle of mirroring the experience of your phone as you can enjoy launching these apps just like you launch other regular Windows Apps. Samsung delivered a piece of good news earlier today along with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 20, can you guess the news?

Well, now you can run not just one, in fact, multiple Android Apps on Windows 10 (I know this is something you have been waiting for long). However, all your Android apps working fine on Windows 10 are still not guaranteed.  Microsoft says you may see a black screen in case of some apps, which means such apps don’t support this feature (it happens, don’t be disappointed).

So now you know what this feature is all about, but let me tell you one thing. Setting up this feature might seem a bit complicated at first. So we have simplified these steps with our easy guide. Have a look:

How to Run Android Apps on Windows 10’s Your Phone App

  1. The first and very important step is to make sure your Android phone is compatible. If your phone is compatible, you can go ahead to the second step. If you don’t have a Samsung device then you cannot use this feature. Microsoft has maintained a list of all supported devices, but still, it’s good news for you only if you are a Samsung handset owner.
  2. Update your Windows 10 properly. If your Windows is not updated, you might face issues.
  3. Check if the “Your Phone” app is downloaded on your computer. If not, you have to download it first and then sign-in.
  4. Swipe down to the notification panel on your Android phone and select “Link to Windows”.Now, you have to sign-in to the same Microsoft account again. After the prompted notification, click on allow and let the connection to proceed. Sit back and wait until the name of your PC shows up in the Link to Windows Section.
  5. Now use the “Your Phone” app to select which screens you want to see on your computer. Go to Settings and check if the “Display my phone screen” option is on. You can select the Phone screen from the left Menu.

Waiting for what? Go open your PC and enjoy this amazing feature!