OnePlus will offer major Android updates for 3 years on OnePlus 8 Series and later devices

OnePlus updates

After the announcement of OnePlus and Oppo merging together, they have now announced that OxygenOS and ColorOS will come even closer together with OnePlus getting the most Android updates for the next 3 years. 

The company has also announced the new update policy for its latest smartphones. The OnePlus 8 series and the devices released after that will get 4 extra years of security updates and android OS updates regularly. The smartphones released prior to the OnePlus 8 will receive only two major OS updates.

According to OnePlus, the flagship devices released before the OnePlus 8 series will receive two major Android updates and three years of security updates. For carrier versions, updates will be based on carrier requirements. As always, OxygenOS is the operating system for global OnePlus users, but it is now built on a more stable and powerful platform. In the future, new devices will receive this OTA update along with Android 12 while existing devices still within maintenance will receive an OTA update together with Android 12.

After merging with Oppo, the company made it clear that their intention is to provide the customers with the proper OxygenOS experience even though they are working to integrate oxygenOS and ColorOS behind the scenes. On this matter, the company said, Nonetheless, since this is a change going on behind the scenes, it is likely that you won’t even notice it. In addition to our larger and more capable development team, we now have streamlined our development process and more advanced R&D resources all geared toward improving OxygenOS.

In OnePlus’ official statement, Peter Lau said he was confident that this change will be for the good of the community and users alike. By integrating with OPPO deeper, they can provide even higher-quality products for customers.

Addressed directly to the users, he also said that OnePlus as a brand will continue to operate independently and will focus on providing the best possible experiences and products to its loyal customers.