Quick Charge 5

With so many wireless charging features in mobiles popping up these days, the convenience is unmatched but it’s charging through a cable that still remains the quickest way to power up your devices. Recently, Qualcomm announced its Quick Charge 5 with a host of speed and safety enhancement features.

They have upgraded their fast charging standards with this new addition that brings with itself some big promises as well. Providing up to 100 Watts of charging speed capable of charging your smartphone up to 50% in less than 50%. Or even a full 100% charge within a meager 15 mins! (Claimed) This applies to 4,500 mAh batteries. Both dual charging and triply charging solutions are supported as well.

This is a big leap from the previous Qualcomm 4 as it claims that the latest update is at least 70% more efficient than its predecessor and almost 4 times faster in terms of charging speeds as well as around 10 degrees Celsius cooler comparatively. This is definitely one of the biggest jumps the tech company has taken in terms of an improved charging speed with very few parallels to match them. When compared to its initial fast charging innovations from back in 2013, this is at least around a 10x more power delivery.

Quick Charge 5

Qualcomm’s new Smart Identification of Adapter Capabilities, by leveraging the USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply (PD-PPS) standard, will monitor and verify the limits of a connected charger to accordingly adjust power, current and voltage behavior, providing greater control over the same while charging. Theoretically speaking, any USB PD-PPS charger should be able to power up your Quick Charge 5 device at full speed.

What’s even better is that, it has backward compatibility as well. Older Quick Charge accessories and devices with versions 2.0, 3.0, 4 and 4+ will be able to take the benefit of Qualcomm 5 but are limited to the fastest speeds allowed by them.

They claim that their systems are safer than plain Power Delivery as well, featuring 8 separate levels of voltage protection, 3 levels of current protection, 3 levels of thermal protection and 3 timer protections. Add to that, overvoltage protection at 25V. That’s a lot of dedication to ensure safety in usage too.

Quick Charge 5

The biggest advantage they’ve brought to the table is that Quick Charge 5 is a part of Qualcomm’s overall parts package. They are, easily, one of the largest processor and modem suppliers and also provide easily compatible power solutions for countless companies! It is also supported by the Snapdragon 865 and 865 Plus chipsets as well as “future premium-and high-tier Snapdragon mobile platforms.” However it doesn’t mean that current smartphones can make use of it though as the chipsets need to be paired with the new SMB chips.

But what we can expect is to see Quick Charge 5 popping up on smart phones from around the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2020 onward. It has also been reported that Xiaomi will be one of the first partners out there to take advantage of the new technology in the near future.

So, when do you think we will get to see this new tech in your smartphones?