Realme Buds Air Review; Buy it or ignore it ?

Realme Buds Air

The true wireless buds market has great competition. The new Realme buds air is truly refreshing in a world where other companies will charge you handsomely for the feature. Realme buds air are like small wireless speakers, free of cables, giving you free music freedom. There is a 12mm bass booster that does a lovely job by providing a crisp sound at normal levels of volume. There are 2 microphones in each bud.  Inbuilt Bluetooth 5.0 enables an instant and stable connection between phone and the earbuds Also, it has a good battery performance, accessible smart controls and gives you great music experience. These Realme buds air can easily change the market and it costs around Rs.2,999-3,999.

Realme buds air is very easy to use: To pair your buds for the first time, open the charging box and press the pairing key which is present on the front side of the case, then the indicator will flash for 10 sec which means that your Buds Air are in pairing state.

Realme buds air has some really awesome features like:

  1. Instant auto connection: You can pair your phone with Buds Air with a simple press and once it gets connected with your phone, whenever you open the case of your Buds Air, it automatically gets connected with your phone.
  2. Smart in ear detection: Buds air has an inbuilt optical sensor which can detect if you are using the buds or not. As a result, it automatically turns off the music if the buds air is not in use so that you don’t miss any beat.
  3. Touch control for easy operation: You can answer a call or play/pause the music by double clicking on the outer-upper part on the one side of the buds air. You can skip a song by triple clicking on the outer-upper part of the buds air. And by long press on both the sides on the buds air, you can enter or exit gaming mode.
  4. Google Assistant: You can launch voice assistant or end a call by long press on the outer-upper part on the one side of the buds air.
  5. Wireless charging: It is free of cables. Buds air comes with a wireless charging case (10W). You just need to place your Realme case on the wireless charger to charge your buds. It comes with a LED light on the front of the case to check the real-time charge information. Additionally, it supports Type-C charging cable.
  6. Battery life: It supports a 17-hour playback music and the case has a 400 mAh battery which helps to expand the 3-hour battery life to 17 hours. When the battery is low, you will have an indicator lighting up
  7. Environment noise cancellation during call: It filters out the background noise to identify every word by ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation technology).
  8. Realme claims that the buds air is both waterproof and dust-resistant.

The Realme buds air comes in 3 colors: White, yellow and black. The case has dimensions 51.3*45.3*25.3 mm and it weighs just 42 grams and the extraordinary design of the buds air makes it highly compatible with the auditory canal of the ear.