Telegram now allows 1000 users to participate in a video call


Telegram has rolled out a whole new set of features related to video sharing and video calls on the Telegram app. The company previously introduced the feature of video calling and now brings to us the update that contains several features which make the app better. The features that are added to the messaging app contain the biggest feature that enables up to 1,000 people to be a part of the video call. According to the company, the goal is to build the app to enable people all over the world to participate in a single video conference. However, the number of individuals who can broadcast their video remains 30.

The blog post by the company says: To begin a voice chat, you will need to click the Voice Chat button in the group profile (on iOS, you will see it in the profile of the group). Not only this but the messaging app has also added a new feature where the users can share high-resolution videos. Users can also expand their video size to full screen for an even better experience. 

Moreover, the update which came out today brings to us an option to share the screen on the messaging app with sound on a video call or a one-on-one video call. This update allows you to share your screen or turn on your camera during group Voice Chats – on all devices, including tablets and computers. The application brings voice chats to a whole new level, making them ideal for business or family meetings.

The company has also introduced various playback speeds for a video, which are 5x, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x. There is also a pinch to zoom function that allows users to zoom in while recording a video message. Also, a new auto-delete duration of 30 days is added to the app alongside one day and 1 week. The messaging app has rolled out many exciting features, so update to the newest version as soon as possible to enjoy the latest features.