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The Best 5 Ways to Help You Deal With Instagram Crashes


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Instagram, being one of the leading apps of current time influences and amuses people in many aspects. I bet there is not even a single day when you don’t scroll down the Instagram feed, right? Whether its memes, pictures, videos, or the brand new feature Reels, everything just keeps you occupied throughout the day. Anyway, the more popular the app, the more crowded it will be and consequently the more problems it’s going to face. Lately, Instagram users have been facing many crashing issues that are actually frustrating and obviously spoil the fun. Some faced Instagram crashes while uploading stories and some while opening DMs.

So, to rescue you from such a botheration, I’ve listed out the top 5 ways to deal with Instagram crashes. Let’s jump to the solutions without further delay.

1. Update your System

Well, if you do not update your system or App from time to time then there are high chances of you facing the crash issues. Here’s the way you can update the app both for iOS and Android.


  1. Head to the App Store and tap on “Today”.
  2. Now, tap on your “Profile” icon and scroll down to check if Instagram needs to be updated
  3. If Instagram needs an update, tap on it and after the update open the app
  4. Now check if your system is updated or not by following these steps:

Settings > General > Software Update


  1. Go to the play store and open “My Apps”
  2. Now, find Instagram and update it if needed
  3. Follow these steps to update your system (if required)

Settings > System Updates

2. Clear Cache

Clearing Cache solves half of the device issues. So you must try clearing the cache and then check if Instagram still crashes or not.


You have to delete the App to clear cache on iPhone. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Head to settings and click General
  2. Now, open iPhone Storage and scroll down till you find Instagram
  3. Tap on “Delete App” and you will be done
  4. Now you can reinstall the app from the App Store


  1. First, press and hold Instagram and tap on “App Info”
  2. Now, click “Storage and Cache”
  3. Tap on “Clear Cache” and then reopen the app

3. Quit the Beta Program

Sometimes you don’t figure out that Instagram on your device is running on Beta Program. Such versions are generally not stable and create too many crashes. Follow these steps to quit Beta Program:


  1. Well, in iOS you must have a TestFlight app if you’re running on Instagram Beta Version. You just have to click on this app and unenroll from the Instagram Beta Program (quite a straightforward way)


  1. Head to the Play Store and open Instagram
  2. Scroll down to know if you are enrolled in Beta Program
  3. If yes, then simply tap on “Leave”
  4. Now, close the Play Store and update your Instagram App. After the update, you will not face any issue

4. Reinstalling Instagram

Even though this sounds the obvious and simple solution, trust me most of the time it works. Just follow these steps to reinstall the app:


  1. Tap and hold the Instagram icon from the menu and then select “Delete App”
  2. Now head to Settings and install the app again
  3. Enter your login details and your problem might fade away


  1. Press and hold the Instagram and then tap on “Uninstall”
  2. Now head to the Play Store and install Instagram
  3. Enter your login details and check if the issue has been resolved

5. Wait for a while

Yes, this solution might be of help. Sometimes you have to just give some rest to the app and then reopen it to see if the crashing issue is still there or not. The logical reason is that Facebook SDK is used by Instagram which uses deep integration and due to that crashing issues might occur. After Instagram resolves it, you can get back to your favorite app without the hassle. So, try waiting out, it works.

Now that you have all the solutions, you can just enjoy scrolling your Instagram feed without bickering.


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