This bug will disable Wi-Fi Access on iOS forever, here’s why

iOS Wi-Fi Bug

Ever wondered what a % sign could do, the simple-looking sign of percentage has created havoc in iOS. Apple’s Operating System is stable and far exceeds any other in privacy. The Operating System is yet prone to bugs and a bug recently tends to permanently halt users from using Wi-fi. The wrong network name with a certain sign manages to establish the fault and cease access to the Wi-fi forever. A similar issue occurred with iOS, and this SSID bug can completely disable Wi-Fi access in iOS.

Carl Schou the security researcher discovered this bug. He tried joining a Wi-fi network that had a figure of % to it the name of the network was "%p%s%s%s%s%n" After he tried connecting, his Wi-fi access got terminated permanently, he changed the SSID of the hotspot but it didn’t work, he then tried connecting to other networks and finally rebooted the device but couldn’t recover the access.

The same iOS Wi-Fi bug was faced by many users, the common outcome being that the bug has some connection with the signs used in the name of the network. The bug has some connection with the percentage sign and whenever someone tries to connect iOS with the network name retaining % the parsing issue jumps out. iOS could not interpret the words after the sign and think of it as a format specifier.

Now, this is because in C and C-language this particular sign has a corresponding command and the system starts following that command. The special meaning of the format specifier tends to change the Wi-fi connectivity. If you have suffered the same or want to know the solution to resolve this bug then it is extremely simple. All you need to do is to reset the network settings before trying to connect with Wi-fi again. To reset the network-Go to Settings> then to the General section> Reset> Reset Network Settings> and then Confirm and the issue gets resolved.