TweetDeck gets major updates; Twitter tests the app in a limited number of countries


Twitter has rolled out the new version of TweetDeck to limited accounts and random people from countries like the USA, Australia and Canada. They also shared an image of how it will look once the feature is completely up and rolling. The company also said that the new design will be aligned with the mobile app and twitter website, which will enable free functionality. Their official account on Twitter said that from today, they will roll out the TweetDeck for limited users and this is a test for the future.

Kayvon Beykpour, product chief, tweeted about the features and mentioned that there will be a new way to group columns into new workspaces, advanced search features, column types will be the features coming to TweetDeck.

A full Tweet Composer, new advanced search features, new column types, and a new way to group columns into clean workspaces. TweetDeck could look like Twitter’s subscription offerings later on. TweetDeck is also exploring the possibility of including it in Twitter’s subscription feed in the future.

Kayvon Beykpour

Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer, also tweeted a tutorial on showing how users can try TweetDeck preview.

After this test, Twitter plans to bring this version to the wider audience if it is successful. Beykpour acknowledged the limitations and said that to make it easier to read, it will organise the screen in a better manner into easy-to-read rows and will let users control their timeline and even schedule tweets. After 10 years, TweetDeck finally received attention from Twitter and will be the first major update that it has gotten.

The company said that the new Tweet composer lets you create threads, add photos, GIFs, videos etc and even schedule tweets. Users will also be able organise their decks into columns through dividing moments, topics, explore, events etc. In addition to all of this, users will not be able to see the followers, likes, activity and even outbox. On its support website, Twitter has also created a FAQ page for people to understand and have their questions answered